What Causes Skin Tags on Face, Eye Lid, Around the Neck, Inner Thigh and Pictures

What is the meaning of skin tags? What causes skin tags? Get insights on the meaning of skin tags, the causes of skin tags on different parts of the body, causes during pregnancy and the various pictures of skin tags.

What are Skin Tags – Meaning

what causes skin tags to form

what causes skin tags

Skin tag is also known as acrochordon, is a small non-cancerous or benign growth that hangs on the skin surface. The acrochorda (plural of acrochordon which is a medical name of skin tag) are soft, harmless and painless. They don’t grow over a time though they can grow up to half an inch or others can grow as big as a grape.

Acrochorda mostly grows in areas that forms friction by rubbing itself or by clothing’s such as the armpit, neck, groin, on the upper chest especially under the breast, on the face especially under the eye lids and on the buttock folds.

Skin tags are commonly to adults than in babies. However there are some cases whereby acrochorda may also develop in babies in the areas that experience some friction such as the neck and under the eye lids. Older children also experience acrochorda in their armpits due to friction that result from sporting activities.

Approximately 50% of the world population have experienced the growth of skin tags. Therefore you are likely to experience them in some part of your life. They mostly grow when you are in the mid-forties of age to 60.

How are Skin Tags Formed

Understanding the formation of skin tags will equip you with the necessary knowledge on how to get rid of skin tags. They are believed to be formed in areas that experience self to self-friction or body friction with the clothing’s.

There is a bold evidence supporting this fact because the skin tags grows mostly in area that experience frictions such as in the armpit, the groin and under the women breasts.Acrochorda are also formed in the area of the body that forms creases such as the groin, armpit, neck and under the eyes.

They may be formed in different shapes and sizes, some can be small and smooth while others can be bigger as the size of a grape and irregular in shape. Skin tags are harmless and does not pain, therefore you don’t need to get worried with them unless they are bothering with your beauty.

They may only cause irritations when scratched by shaving blade or when you wear a neck jewelry. Sometimes when they grow in areas that experience more friction with fabric or jewelry, they can become red and swollen which can result to other skin infections.

A skin tag forms a stalk known as peduncle on the surface of the skin. When it’s viewed microscopically in the laboratory, it shows that the skin tags contains fibro-vascular vessels and fat cells which are covered by a thin epidermis layer. There are various causes of skin tags, as you continue to read, you will discover what causes skin tags around the eyes.

The skin tags are also common in people who have overweight. They develop more natural skinfolds that causes friction when they rub against each other. Skin tags are more prone to such skin folds.

What Causes Skin Tags – On Face, Eyelid, Inner Thigh

skin tags formed on face

skin tags on face

Knowing what causes skin tags and how to get rid of them will help you in dealing with them properly. They may be harmless but they can be bothering your beauty. They may also cause irritation by the shaving blade or when you wear your jewelry especially at the neck.

Skin tag or acrochordon is a non-cancerous growth that hangs on the surface of your skin. Skin tags can develop to anybody despite of your age, gender or region. About 45% of all population of people in the world have had one or more skin tags on their skin in their life time, therefore you are likely to get one or some in your lifetime.

They are believed to be formed by blood vessels and fat cells that get entangled inside the skin forcing themselves to hang out of your skin surface, therefore this is among what causes skin tags around the neck.

They are formed due to the friction that is created when your body rubs against itself or against the fabric. Wearing tight clothing’s causes more rubs against your skin that can lead to growth of more skin tags.

Overweight also contributes to the formation of skin folds which causes friction when the folds rub against each other. Skin tag are most common in people who are in their mid-stage of their life. They develop mostly at the age of 50 to 60 years.

Skin tags are harmless and painless, they don’t have any medical threat to your healthy life, and therefore if you want to remove them in a hospital, they are removed as a cosmetic treatment. You can also decide on removing skin tags yourself using forceps and a pair of scissors at your home or there is other natural way of treating the skin tags such as the use of tea tree oil.

Skin tags can also be genetically transferred from one generation to the other. If skin tags are common in your family members, you are likely to have one or more during your lifetime. The genes that contain skin tags can be inherited from your parents, avoiding the risk factors can help you to minimize or avoid the growth of skin tags on your skin.

As you read earlier, skin tags can develop to the skin of anybody but there are some risk factors that increases the chances of your skin to develop skin tags as follows:

  • Obese or overweight.

    skin tags on the neck pictures

    skin tags pictures

Skin tags are more prone to the individuals who suffers from obesity or overweight. An overweight creates more natural skin folds that rubs against each other. The friction caused increases the developments of skin tags.

There is rapid growth of skin tags to some people in their late pregnancy period. This is due to the weight added during the development of the fetus that creates skin folds. The friction caused when the skin folds rubs against each other increases the development of skin stags.

During pregnancy there is rapid increase in the secretion of different hormones in your body. This results to hormonal imbalances that can react by developing skin tags on your skin.

  • Use of steroids.

Skin tags are more common on the people who uses steroids for muscle build ups. The nature of the steroids to build up the muscles can also be used to entangle fibers and vessels to develop a skin tag.

Skin tags mostly happen to older people who are suffering from diabetes and those who are also suffering from overweight as described above.

  • Human papilloma virus

Human papilloma virus cause genital warts. From the researches done, there is some association between human papilloma virus and what causes skin tags on inner thighs. Genital warts causes some growth around the genitals also but they are not the same as skin tags.


What Causes Skin Tags during Pregnancy

Skin tags develops in about 45% of all people. Skin tags can develop to anybody at any age of life but they are more prone to people who are in the mid of their lives especially in forties to 60 of age. Acrochorda are prone to people who have diabetes, overweight, in places that experience frictions such as the armpits, under the breasts in women and in natural body folds such as the neck and under the eyelids.

Skin tags are mostly common in women than in men especially during the pregnancy period. But the question is that, what causes skin tags in women during pregnancy? The possible causes of skin tags are associated to overweight and diabetes but the cause of rapid increase in skin tags among the pregnant women is not clearly defined.

However there is different suggestions thatexplains the possible causes that results into rapid skin tags during pregnancy. The first suggestion says that during pregnancy, there is additional weight on the body especially at the late stage of pregnancy that causes more friction in the natural body folds like the neck, in the groin and under the breasts.

Therefore, the increase in weight triggers the growth of skin tags. Also the increased weight friction of your body and the fabric or clothing’s.

The other suggestion says that during pregnancy, there is hormone imbalances in your body that can result to the growth of skin tags. The hormones can initiate rapid growth of some skin cells that can result in the formation of skin tags on the surface of the skin. Skin tags can become uncomfortable after your pregnancy, there are various ways on how to remove skin tags at home or by visiting your doctor to remove them surgically.