How to Get Rid of Black Spots on Face Naturally Fast From Acne, Shaving and Pregnancy

What are the best home remedies for dark spots on face? Get insights on how to get rid of black spots on face naturally fast overnight. This includes all types of black spots on face due to acne scars, pregnancy and shaving.

how to get rid of black marks on face naturally

how to get rid of black spots on face naturally fast

How to Get Rid of Black Spots on Face Fast, Overnight

Black spots on face, dark patches, moles, white spots on lips and freckles can easily be alleviated to restore the skin to a beautiful glowing appearance. Pregnancy, shaving, hormonal imbalances and external skin conditions such as acne, pimples have been identified as the main causative agents.

Spots and patches cause uneven skin tone, lower self esteem and causes stress. Fortunately, there are various ways on how to remove pimples black spots on face discovered and this is a great relief to many people. Chemical peels, laser and tropical creams are among the most utilized treatments.

However, due to underlying cost and side effects challenges of skin lightening products for dark marks, various home remedies for dark spots on face are available. They are natural ingredients which are not only effective but also safe to use.  Such natural ways on how to get rid of black spots on face are suitable for all skin types and complexion.

Asian, African Americans, Fair and dark skin complexions can be restored from such skin blemishes. Before going for any treatment for spots on face, it is recommendable to consult a dermatologist who will help in diagnosis and establishment of the real cause of the marks and patches.

Home Remedies for Dark Spots on Face, Forehead, Legs, Cheeks and Skin

how to get rid of black spots naturally

papaya mask can help in getting rid of black marks on skin

Here are some of the best ways to on how to get rid of spots scars from face naturally. This includes all the marks and patches resulting from acne scars, pimples, shaving and pregnancy. The home remedies will help both in treatment and minimizing in appearance of black marks on the skin.

Aloe Vera juice, Gel or cream: The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property of aloe vera makes it an effective ingredient for removal of spots on face. It can be extracted as a juice or latex and directly applied on the skin. There are numerous minerals, vitamins and enzymes present in this natural ingredient suitable for all skin types.

Dark spots caused by sunburn can easily be alleviated with aloe vera. Protection of the skin against UV radiations from the sun is one of the health benefits of aloe vera juice. Too much exposure to sun causes excessive secretion of melanin in the skin which results to hyper-pigmentation.

To use, obtain a leaf and squeeze to obtain juice. Wash your face and apply the juice directly to the affected area. Gently massage the area to help the juice or gel seep into the skin. You can also make a face mask using the aloe vera gel. Repeat the application twice a day for two or more weeks.

Lemon Juice: This is a strong antioxidant substance that helps in the treatment of many skin blemishes. Lemon juice contains vitamins and mineral elements suitable for skin lightening, anti inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

Among the best home remedies for dark spots on face, lemon juice is much effective for immediate results. Lemon can cause irritation to sensitive skin type. Therefore you can mix with some honey or rose water to minimize the side effect.

To use to get rid of black spots on face, obtain a lemon fruit and squeeze the juice into a clean glass bowel. Use a cotton ball to directly apply the juice on the patches, marks and spots on face. Give it time to dry before washing your face with clean water. Repeat at least once per day for two weeks and you will observe a positive change.

Onion and Garlic Juice: A mixture of onion and garlic juice forms an excellent home remedy for black spots. The juice contains effective ingredients, minerals and vitamins that helps in lightening dark spots and finally fade them off.

To use, take an onion juice mixed with garlic juice. Using a cotton ball, dab and apply on the skin at the affected area and give time to dry. You can alternatively mix onion juice with little mount of honey and apply on the skin. Repeat twice a day on a regular basis and after a couple of days you will see results.

Turmeric: This is a very prominent ingredient that has been employed in various ways on how to get rid of black spots on face. It is also a natural skin lightening agent for whitening dark skin. Studies have shown that turmeric contains suitable elements for removing dark spots from face.

To use this treatment, mix turmeric, lemon juice and milk. Apply the thick paste on the face with a gentle massage on the most affected areas. Give it some time to dry and after 15 minutes wash your face with lukewarm water.

Alternatively, you can mix turmeric with other ingredients such as honey, yoghurt or olive oil. To observe results, make your application consistent and at least once a day. In period of two to three weeks, the skin tone will be well evened out with few dark patches and marks.

how to get rid of black marks on the face

before and after using papaya to get rid of dark spots on face

Papaya: The presence of enzymes and mineral elements in papaya make it a suitable natural ingredient for removing dark spots from face. To use you need to obtain a ripe papaya and apply on the skin. Give it at least 20 minutes before rinsing off.

To make the outcome instant, mix the green papaya with lime juice and apply on your face. Wash after 20 minutes with warm water. Repeat daily for two weeks to enjoy positive results.

Buttermilk: This is a gentle and effective natural ingredient for getting rid of skin blemishes such as acne scars, pimple marks and uneven skin tone. Lactic acid is a strong substance for promoting a smooth, bright and beautiful skin. Alternatively you can use natural yoghurt or milk to achieve the same target.

To create a strong remedy for dark spots and black marks on face, mix buttermilk with equal amount of fresh tomato juice. Apply the paste on face and let it dry for 15 minutes before rinsing off with c lean water. A mixture of milk and honey can also be used to attain the same results.

Potatoes Slices: If you have potatoes in your garden, you don’t have to worry on how to get rid of black spots on face instantly. Obtain a potato and make slices. Rub the slices on the cheeks, forehead and nose to clear any skin blemishes on the skin around your face.

Other home remedies for getting rid of dark spots include oats, almonds, sandalwood and green vegetables. While using natural ingredients for the removal of spots you should be persistent and consistent. Results are guaranteed after patience and regular application.

How to Prevent Black Spots from Face, Tips and Ideas

As the saying goes, to prevent is better than to cure. Therefore, how can you prevent dark spots from face? Here are some tips on how to keep your skin smooth, young looking and beautiful:

  • Take enough amount of water on daily basis. Water helps in detoxification as well as keeping the skin cells nourished.
  • Avoid too much exposure to the sunlight since sunburn causes dark spots and skin hyper-pigmentation.
  • Your diet should include more fruits and vegetables since they have key mineral elements for a beautiful clear skin.
  • Use gentle skin care products and cosmetics. Avoid harsh ingredients such as lead and hydroquinone since they can cause.
  • Use sun screen while spending in sunlight, this protects your skin against UV radiations from the sun.
  • Always contact your dermatologist or a doctor if you suspect unusual symptoms on your skin.

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