Does Lemon Juice Lighten Skin Permanently, Removes Spots, Acne Scars and Dark Patches Fast?

Does lemon juice lighten skin permanently and fast? Get insights on how to lighten skin naturally using lemon juice as the best home remedy to whiten skin fast and permanently. Explore in the post on how long does it take to lighten skin with lemon juice, removal of spots, acne scars and dark patches.

can lemon juice lighten skin

Does lemon juice lighten skin

Does Lemon Juice Lighten Skin – Spots, Acne Scars and Dark Patches

Uneven skin tone, age spots, hyper-pigmentation, acne scars, freckles, moles and dark patches on the skin or face are among the major skin blemishes and problems most people are battling with. There are many causes of skin blemishes and knowing then has enabled experts’ device ways on how to alleviate the problem.

In a nut shell, most skin blemishes are causes by the following:

  • Sun poisoning due to excessive exposure of the skin to the UV radiations from the sun.
  • Skin trauma resulting from various conditions such as acne, eczema, contact dermatitis, wounds and bacterial infections.
  • Genetics and hormonal changes that causes skin blemishes such as freckles, melasma and moles among others.

Mastering the causes has enable specialists to come up with diligent methods of curbing them. Various treatments comes with own setbacks and side effects and most people are trying to find out on the best ways to use.

Natural ingredients and home remedies are what almost everyone is trying out. Lemon juice, turmeric powder and aloe vera are commonly used as the best remedies for most skin probles. Now let us found out, does lemon juice really lighten skin, spots and marks? Here are some few tips and facts to consider.

Does Lemon Juice Lighten Skin – Tone, Permanently

Skin lightening is one of the best treatments to deal with skin blemishes. Bleaching helps in fading out age spots, dark marks and acne scars from appearing. Does lemon juice lighten spots? This is what most people wish to know and we are solely going to provide answers to that.

To begin with, it is safe and cost effective to lighten skin naturally. There are over the counter skin whitening creams, and skin lightening pills which have their own side effects. Consistent using then can cause harm to your ski. Tropical creams that contain hydroquinone and mercury have been proven unsafe and that why they are banned in some regions like Europe.

If you find it convenient to use such products ensure you check at the ingredients used. Those that utilizes natural ingredients such as glutathione and kojic acid can be effective and safe. But if you cannot afford, then try home remedies to lighten skin.

Lightening your skin with lemon juice does work but may not permanently change the tone and color of your skin. However, it can temporarily whiten it and lighten spots, pigmentation and acne scars. The more you use the more your skin brightens and the more it lasts longer.

What does Lemon do to Your Skin – Tone, Dark Complexion and Pigmentation

Does lemon juice lighten skin

Pictures before and after lemon juice lighten skin

Lemon is a natural antioxidant and antibacterial. Lemon juice is rich in Vitamin C which are effective for skin lightening, clearing dark spots, acne marks and dark patches on face. Vitamin C has been scientifically proven to reduce the amount of melanin produced.

Melanin is a substance that is secreted by the skin to protect itself against harmful UV radiations from the sun. Excessive production of this substance causes dark skin tone especially among the blacks and African Americans.

Does lemon juice lighten skin tone? Uneven skin tone and hyper-pigmentation causes the appearance of patches on the skin. Using lemon juice for skin lightening is the best way to alleviate this issue. Citric acid is one of the five Alpha Hydroxy acids that are essential for skin exfoliation.

Lemon juice contains plenty of citric acid a property that makes it whiten skin. Exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells attached to the fresh cells underlying beneath the skin. A mixture of lemon juice and natural sugar forms an effective natural scrub for exfoliating.

Lemon may help in lightening acne scars as well as killing the bacteria that causes acne. For acne prone skin, consult your doctor before using lemon juice since it may interfere with other tropical treatment your are undertaking.

How to Lighten Dark Skin Using Lemon – Uses, Bleaching and Whitening

It is very important to know how to use lemon to lighten your skin. Since this is the best natural remedy for whitening skin fast and conveniently. People with sensitive skin may find it challenging to use lemon for skin. The lemon juice tends to form a chemical reaction especially when exposed on the sunlight.

This is a condition regarded as phytophotodermatitis . Therefore, it is recommended that you keep off the sunlight once you have applied lemon on the skin to prevent the UV triggering the reaction which can cause skin irritation and inflammation.

How long does lemon lighten the skin? It takes two to three month of consistent use to realize complete positive outcome just as turmeric takes to lighten the skin. That implies that while using these pretty skin lighteners, you have to be patient and dedicated to regular use. Here is how to go about lemon for skin.

How to Use Lemon for Skin Lightening – Spots, Tone, Hyper-pigmentation

There are many uses of lemon juice and skin bleaching is one it. Few instructions ought to be followed while using lemon for bleaching dark spots, acne scars and skin.

  1. Use lemon as an exfoliant: Take 2 tablespoon of natural sugar, 1teaspoon lemon juice and 1 egg white. Mix the three ingredients together until a thick paste is formed. Gently scrub your skin in a circular motion following a gentle massage. Take 10-15 minutes before washing off with warm water. Let it dry and apply a skin moisturizer.
  2. Lemon skin lightening mask: Make a mixture of 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon sandalwood paste, 1 tablespoon tomato juice and 1 tablespoon cucumber juice. Apply the paste on your skin for 15-20 minutes and rinse with warm water before applying a moisturizer. If your skin is dry mix equal amount of lemon juice, honey and 2 drops of essential oils instead.
  3. Obtain lemon fruit and make slices. Squeeze the juice and apply on the skin using a clean cotton ball. Using warm water, wash off after 20 minutes and you will be marveled on how does lemon lighten skin fast. Alternatively, you can spray the juice on your skin or rub the slices directly without extracting the juice.

Skin Whitening Tips –  Ideas while Using Lemon for Bleaching

While lightening your skin with lemon, aloe vera, turmeric, kojic acid, papaya or glutathione, ensure you protect against UV radiations from the sun. This involves using a powerful sunscreen such as wide brim hat, SFP products and shelter.

Use a diet rich in fruits and vegetables since they help in supply of vitamin C. Ensure you are taking sufficient amount of water to keep your skin hydrated. Use lemon juice every other day for quick outcome. 3 to 4 times can help in bleaching your skin in a period of 2 to 3 months.

Side Effects of Lemon Juice – Risk Factors, Dangers and Caution

Despite many benefits of lemon juice on the skin, there are some underlying side effects. It is a natural skin lightener that can cause dangers in some circumstances. Knowing if does lemon lighten skin is important and you also have to understand the risk factor.

People who are allergic to lemon should not employ this skin lightening method unless under doctor’s guidelines. It can cause a rash with burning sensation among people with sensitive skin. Lemon juice causes severe eye irritation and do not let it get in contact with your eyes.

Avoid exposure to the sunlight while using lemon. This natural skin lightener can be harsh to people with dry skin. If you discover any abnormality while using lemon for skin, kindly stop using it and consult your doctor or dermatologist for further guidance.