Best Skin Lightening Cream for Upper Lip Darkening Cure

My upper lip is dark! Get insights on the best skin lightening cream for upper lip darkening. Dark pigmentation on upper lips is common among women and men. The post explores on the suitable way to get rid of spots, dark skin and patches on upper lips.

best skin lightening cream for upper lip

Melarase skin lightening formula

Lips are covered with a skin divided in three layers. The outer layer known as stratum corneum is responsible for the protection of an underlying layer regarded as epidermis. This is where a dark pigmentation substance called melanin is secreted and it determines the color.

Dermis is the underlying layer that bounds the subcutaneous layer of the main skin. This is where sebaceous glands are located and its main role is to nourish the skin preventing drying, flaky and chapped lips.

Upper lip Darkening – Causes and Meaning

Darkening of skin on the upper lips and corners can be due to various factors. Skin conditions like eczema and acne can cause inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. Excessive skin exposure to the sun can also cause uneven skin tone.

Smoking, too strong oral care products and irritation causes by saliva are among the main causes of dark upper lip. Drinking coffee or tea can also cause your lips to darken. A large percentage of darker lip is due to hereditary. Underlying medical condition can also be a causative agent.

Besides medications and treatment, best skin lightening cream for upper lip can be used. Conservative topical retinoid prescriptions can help in the permanent removal of dark and brown spots on the upper lip.

Dark lip treatment home remedies can also be utilized in the removal of dark marks and patches. Also learning on how to get rid of dark lips naturally helps you with knowledge on the best ingredients to use without incurring a side effect or too much cost.

Best Skin Lightening Cream for Upper Lip – Darkening Cure and Treatment

Pink or red lips create a pout and add statement to the face regardless of your complexion. Majority of people affected by this darkening of lips are Southeast Asians and African Americans. Whites are not also spared in this case.

Good nutritional diet and taking sufficient amount of water are some of the best home remedies for dark lips. To attain soft, kissable glowing lips overnight, using natural ways may take time but still will work.  Vitamin E contains key elements for skin lightening and including plenty in the diet can really help.

Dark lips lightener ought to be carefully selected. The first advice we give is to involve a certified dermatologist before choosing your best skin lightening cream for upper lips. It is quite technical to lighten lips as compared to normal skin bleaching.

Products used ought to be prescribed to avoid side effects such as peeling of the skin, irritation and even cancer related complications. Not all skin whitening products can be used to bleach lips. Ingredients like hydroquinone and mercury are said to be dangerous to skin especially when in high concentration.

Best Skin Bleaching Cream for Upper Lips – Reviews and How to Use

pictures before and after lip lightening

Before and after using your best skin lightening cream for upper lip

Here are some of the top rated creams you can use to lighten upper lips.

Melasma Tri-Pack Program

This three in one product contains Melarase AM, Melarase PM and RR Retinoid elements. This combination is effective in the treatment of melasma, correcting skin pigmentation and discoloration, removal of black spots, acne pimple scars, prevents skin aging and prevention of uneven skin tone.

The pack has been rated the best skin lightening cream for upper lip and facial among other areas of concern.. It clears most skin related problems as stated above. Key ingredients utilized include: Low concentration of Hydroquinone (2%), Ammonium lactate and Retinoid.

Melarase AM formula is applied daytime and it acts as strong sunscreen. Melarase PM is used during the night and it is an effective skin lightener. Retinoid is applied in combination of Melarase PM or used once after every other night. It helps in repairing of damaged skin, exfoliation and evening out skin tone.

To use, apply a little amount on regular basis combining with gentle massage. This skin bleaching formula penetrates deep the skin to reach the targeted tissues. Before using this pack, involve a dermatologist since it has some effects. Skin peeling and dryness is likely to be experienced on the initial days of use.

Laetita Dark Lips Lightener Cream

For fast and permanent lightening of dark lips, this cream has been rated the best. Proven to bleach dark lips, the formula takes only four weeks to create a positive change. It inhibits melanin production which gives the skin dark complexion.

Dark spots and patches on the lips can be cleared out within the first few days of use. Pigmentation and lips discoloration are also among the problems addressed. This is the best skin lightening cream for upper lip suitable for Asians, Whites, Blacks and African Americans.

How to Prevent Darkening Upper Lips – Tips and Ideas for Smooth Soft Kissable Lips

There are various ways you can use to prevent your lips from darkening. Using lip lightener may only help addressing the problem temporarily. The most ideal thing, is learning on how to prevent darkening lips. Here are tips and ideas on how to ensure your upper lip remains pink, smooth and clear:

Always use Sunscreen with SPF 30 and above to protect your lips from sun poisoning caused by excessive UV radiations from the sun. Use sunscreen lip color products such as lip balm and gloss that utilizes sun block ingredients. Wide brimmed hat should be used while spending in sun.

Avoid licking your lips to prevent saliva from getting into contact. Saliva causes irritation of the lips hence contributing to drying and eventually peeling of the skin. Take enough amount of water especially during a hot, windy or humid weather.

Regularly exfoliate your lips to get rid of the dead skin cells. There are drugstore lip scrubs you can utilize. Making a natural lip scrub from a mixture of natural sugar and honey can also help. Vaseline can also be applied with gentle circular motion to get rid of the dead skin cells.

Use gentle lip care products on your skin. Too strong ingredients are harsh and can lead to darkening lips. Natural ingredients are suitable since they are safe and affordable. Study the ingredient utilized in every product you use on your facial skin.

Involving a doctor or a dermatologist is highly recommended in making decisions to do with lip lightening. Your best skin lightening cream for upper lip should be used under specialist’s prescription to avoid dangers and risk associated with side effects.