How to Apply Wedding Makeup Ideas, Tips and Looks for Bride

Get insights on how to apply wedding makeup. There are many occasions where people can hardly do without makeup. Wedding, work place and night outs are among the places where you will find everyone looking flamboyant in cosmetics. However, the post insights on how to apply make up not only for special occasions but also normal ones.

how to apply wedding makeup ideas

how to apply makeup ideas

How to Apply Wedding Makeup Tips for Bride

Before thinking of the application of any cosmetic on your skin and especially your face, there are few things you need to do as a form of preparation. We shall take you in every step you ought to know on how to do wedding makeup.

  1. Make your facial skin clean by removing any traces of old makeup. To do this you can use the best makeup remover. The best time to clean your face is before getting to your bed at night. Doing this also helps your skin pores to remain open for exchange of gases and removal of wastes.
  2. Your face should be washed prior to makeup application. Gently wash with a gentle cleanser for the removal of grease, sweat, dust and bacterial.
  3. Now apply a moisturizer especially with SPF. The best skin moisturizer will ensure that the concealer has glided firmly and smoothly on your skin. SPF will help protect your skin against sunburn resulting from excessive UV and UVB radiations from the sun.

How to Apply Wedding Makeup Ideas

Here are ideas on where to begin and where to end as you apply your wedding makeup. If you follow the steps correctly then you will end up with the perfect bridal looks even regardless of your fair, Asian or black complexion.

How to Apply Eye Shadow Makeup

Consider your eyes before anything else while trying to do your wedding makeup. To make your eyes pop, begin by the application of foundation to your eyelid. You can use a concealer where necessary especially when you have skin blemishes such as under eye circles.

You will need a pointed concealer brush to apply on those small stripes of red or white circles. The point end of your brush should help you to get at the fine lines on the skin. To make it appear fine and well blended, use your ring finger to attain the lightest touch.

How to Apply Foundation

For the wedding occasion, begin by the application of a foundation to your eyelid and follow by the application of a nude eye shadow at the top using a brush. This will help to keep longer and intense any color that will be applied on the eyelid.

Now apply your best color that matches your skin complexion. Begin by a deep shade of the color on the contour of the eye. Follow by application of a softer shade of the same color over the outer half of the eye lid.

On the middle of your lower eyelid apply an intense color of your choice. Any creamy color should follow on the corner of the lid. The same color should be applied on the brow bone using a brush to create the highlight effect.

To get rid of little fine lines, you will have to do blending correctly using a small soft brush. You can however add a touch of glamour by just a small dab of glitter on the middle section of your eyelid.

Note that, you can use clean fingers to apply a liquid foundation. Disinfect your hands to ensure that you are not spreading bacteria to the skin around your eyes. The foundation you are using should complement your skin undertone. It should not be on the far extreme of white or dark.

Lose powder can be used to set up your foundation to last longer. Apply in plenty amount and dust off the excess setting powder using a fan brush.

Best Wedding Makeup Looks for Bride

how to apply makeup ideas

how to apply wedding makeup

Having completed the application of foundation does not guarantee you a smooth radiant face looks. You will need a highlighter that will give your face the warmth. A cream or powder highlights should be applied to brighten deep sections on the face such as the corners of the eyes, section of the cupid’s bow, cheekbones and underneath of the eyebrows.

Alternatively, you can go for contouring. A powder with darker shades than your skin undertones can also be applied to make your features more outstanding. If you prefer this technique, then consider your cheekbones both at the top and hollow sides as well as at the sides defining the nose.

How to Do Wedding Makeup for Eyelashes

To make your wedding makeup appear more dramatic and fantastic, on the top eyelashes simply apply mascara. The false appearance of your eyelashes will not only make your eyes pop but also make your face stunning.

Carefully follow the application instructions as directed on the packaging. Your eyes have to remain closed to avoid the glue getting into your eyes. To make it appear perfect complement to your eyes, simply try to trim the ends of the strip.

While applying mascara, never go for more than two coats to maintain your natural looks and appearance. To make your eye lashes fuller, place a coat of baby powder between the coats of the applied mascara.

To make your eyebrows outstanding, use angled brush to apply eyebrow powder. Follow by application of eyebrow gel and comb to attain the perfect shape and look as advised by the makeup artistes who have specialized on how to apply wedding makeup.

Now to do your lower lashes, you need a small brush that will help in lining with an eye shadow. Attain a soft line using a sponge to smudge the line straight. Finally a pencil should be used to make a statement to the inner rim. Now to harmonize the appearance, you ought to brush your mascara towards the lower lashes.

How to Apply a Blush for Bridal Looks

You need to end your process on how to apply wedding makeup with a blush. For brides, you need to apply a little more blush on your cheeks more than normal. Use a large brush to apply it on the apples of the cheeks as you gently dust up along the cheekbone.

Your lips have to make the perfect pout. To attain this you will have to dab them with foundation using tips of your fingers. This will not only even out the color of your lips but also make them plum. Apply your best lipstick for your skin tones and finalize with a dab of gloss that makes them appear fuller.

Alternatively, apply lip balm or primer to help any other product applied to stay long and bright. Best lip balm also helps in protecting lips against flecking.

Lip liner has been recommended in various wedding makeup tutorials as a way of matching out your lip color with other products such as lipstick and gloss. While using lip liner, ensure that it is well sharpened to create a smooth outline around the natural lines defining the lips.

While applying your lipstick or gloss it is recommendable to use a brush. A nice lipstick or gloss should be placed on the lip liner for a perfect match. The type of lip color and lipstick will depend with your skin undertones as well as your skin complexion.

Nude shades are suitable for enhancing a natural appearance. Speaking colors like red can still look amazing. Ensure you are applying lipstick correctly using your index finger.

A complete process on how to apply wedding makeup will leave you satisfied and complete. Your looks have to appear gorgeous with no any smudges.