TCA Peel Instructions on How to Do at Home, Before and After Pictures

The post explores on the TCA peel instructions, results, before and after pictures and TCA peel stretch marks. Read to be enlightened on how to use and the precautions.

What is a TCA Peel?

TCA peel instructions

Before and after TCA peel

Trichloracetic acid abbreviated as TCA is a non-toxic chemical that is used as peeling agent.   It has been used for the past two decades to perform skin peeling. When it is applied to the skin, it penetrates into the skin layers causing the top layer cells to exfoliate within a period of time.

Trichloracetic acid can be used to perform different types of chemical peels depending with the concentration. Trichloracetic acid is used to perform superficial peeling when in light concentration. When applied to the skin it penetrates into the epidermis causing the dead cells to peel off. When the concentration is increased, it penetrates deeper into the skin causing deep peeling.

Deep peeling using TCA is more risky, it can cause redness, swelling and scarring of the skin for the first two or three days before the skin peels off. Therefore you need to know the TCA instructions before performing the peel.

TCA Peel Instructions

The TCA peel instructions guides you on the best ways and procedures of applying the peel for better results. You will also be more enlightened on the TCA peel post care that is vital after the peeling.

If you are planning to have a TCA peel, you are supposed to stop using your routine makeup products like retin-A for 4 days. You can then resume your skin care products a week to two weeks after the TCA peel. Other products like the retinoid can be used overnight for duration of two weeks before the chemical peel. They help to boost the peeling hence better results.

In the Tca peel instruction, you are advised to do spot test of the peel on your skin. This helps you to know how your skin will react to the peeling agent, the results that you will be expecting after the entire skin is peeled, the type of concentration that works best for your skin and how long to leave the peeling agent to your skin. Spot testing is very important than risking the entire skin especially when doing the Tca peeling for the first time.

When doing a spot test, you clean the entire area that you want to peel. Apply a small spot of the peeling agent on the area. If you want to do the peeling on the face, you can apply a small spot of the chemical below the ear lope. The spot test should be applied to the respective place to be peeled. If the peeling is to be done on the hand then the spot test is applied to the hand.

Allow the chemical peel to penetrate the skin depending with the type of peel you want. When you start to feel the burn for example after 5 minutes then it shows that that type concentration takes 5 minutes to perform the peeling. Therefore when you apply the chemical to the whole area it should only be left there for 5 minutes before you neutralize.

The other TCA instruction is that, when you are doing the peeling for the first time, you are advised to use a low concentration of the chemical peel. You may think that high concentration of the peel will give you the best ever results but you end up being disappointed. The concentration is increased gradually upon other peelings. The TCA is used to perform deep peel therefore it can only be reapplied after duration of three month from the previous pee.

When you are planning to do a deep peel, the TCA peel instructions advises you to take an off from work for some time. It does not make sense to go to work in public having a red skin. Your skin can easily be contaminated. You also need to be stress free to give your skin time to heal.

Before you apply the peel wash your skin with water thoroughly. You may be required not to use alkaline products to clean the area to be peeled because peeling agents are acid in nature and they cannot give the best result in an alkaline environment.

Ensure you have assembled the TCA peel post care products before initiating the peeling process. This allows you to have enough time to nurse your than moving here to there looking for the products. You may buy the products in advance under the dermatologist advice.

Pictures before and after a TCA peel

TCA chemical peel instructions

TCA Peel Results

When the peeling is done correctly observing the TCA instructions, the results may start to show in a duration of 1 to 2 month. The results may be affected by the following factors;

  • The type of your skin. Light skinned people who always protect their skin from the sun may get a better peeling results compared to a dark skinned people who are exposed to the sun most of the time.
  • Type of concentration of the peeling agent. The concentration also affects the type of peeling done. When the concentration is high the peeling agent penetrates deeper layers of the skin causing more peeling. Under the TCA instructions it is advisable to use low concentration when doing the peeling for the first time for better results.
  • Your life style. People who minimizes the time spend out on the sun especially from 10am to 12pm will have better results compared to those who spend most of their time out on the sun. Protective clothing’s helps to reduce the impact of sun to your skin.
  • Skills and work experience of the dermatologist. A skilled doctor tends to give a good treatment to your skin hence good results.
  • The number of times of peeling. When the peeling is done severally the results will be better than when done only once for the first time.

When you perform the TCA peeling mostly the results is positive.  You only need to be patient with your skin. Do not expect the change overnight, give your skin time. You only need to protect your skin from the sun by wearing sunscreens and long sleeved clothing’s. Follow your dermatologist and the TCA instructions for better peeling results.

TCA Peel for Stretch Marks

These are marks that appears to the skin when the body grows more rapidly than the skin. The body then exert pressure on the skin causing the elastic fibers of the skin to break. Stretch marks can appear to any part of the body but mostly it appears on the belly or tummy, thighs, back side of the legs and buttocks.

Most women who have carried pregnancy suffers most from stretch marks and are wondering if the treatment can be the solution to their problems. Stretch marks are resistance to some of the chemical peels but TCA peel help to reduce the stretch marks as long as the TCA peel instructions are observed.