How Much Does Chemical Peel Cost, Price and Reviews

How much does chemical peel cost? Get insight on the price, cost and reviews of the best chemical peel.

How much is a Chemical Peel

how much does a chemical peel cost

Picture before and after chemical peel for acne scars

Most people around the globe who intends to do a chemical peel do wonder how much does a chemical peel cost.  The cost of chemical peel varies widely all over the world depending with the region that you reside. Also the cost of chemical peel greatly depends with various factors such as; the types of chemical peel that you intend to do. The chemical peels that perform deep peeling are more expensive than those used for superficial peeling.

In the United States the deep peeling chemicals cost between 500 dollars and 900 dollars while those that are used to perform superficial peeling cost as low as 150 dollars. The living standard cost of your region also do affect the cost of peeling chemicals. The cost of peeling chemicals is lower in developed regions than in those that are still developing.

The other expenses incurred in the chemical peeling process also determines how much does chemical peel cost. They include; hospital bills and cost of anesthesia.

How much Does a Chemical Peel Cost

The type of chemical peeling determines how much does a chemical peel cost. You may be planning to do a superficial peeling and you are wondering how much does laser peels cost. Superficial peeling chemicals such as salicylic acid, fruit acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid have the lowest cost that ranges between 150 dollars and 350 dollars.

These chemicals has only the power to penetrate the first layer of the skin. They cause the peeling of the epidermis leaving the skin smooth and attractive. They help to treat rough and wrinkled skin. When you use these chemicals, you must repeat the peeling for multiple times for better results.

Trichloroacetic acid is used to perform medium chemical peel and therefore it is more expensive than superficial chemicals. Its cost ranges between 800 dollars to 2000 dollars. Trichloroacetic acid penetrates deeper into the skin layers. It is used to treat severe skin problems like the wrinkles, acne scars and skin pigmentations.

These chemical peel can be done on the face, neck and any other part of the body that is affected. Therefore if you have wrinkles on your face and you are planning to do a chemical, trichloroacetic acid will determine on how much chemical peel costs on the face. Be aware that medium chemical peel can only be repeated after a duration of three month.

Deep chemical peel is done only once on the skin with severe problems that result from wrinkles, acne and other skin problems. The chemical mostly used is phenol. These peeling agent penetrates deeper into several layers of the skin. The dead cells exfoliates leaving the skin smooth and less wrinkled. The deep peeling chemical is the most expensive among the three types of peeling. It cost between 2000 dollars to 5000 dollars.

When other expenses are included like the cost of anesthesia, clinical fees and checkups, they now determine how much does chemical peel cost.

Chemical Peel Price

what is the price of a chemical peel

how much does a chemical peel cost

The type of peeling to be done determines how much does a chemical peel cost. Also anesthesia and other expenses do affect the chemical peel price. Deep peeling chemicals are more expensive than superficial chemicals. The average cost of peeling chemical is 720 dollars.

Chemical peel price is also based on the treatment requirement, you may be required to purchase other products that help to heal faster. The qualifications, skills and work experience of the dermatologist performing the peeling procedure will also determine how much does chemical peel cost. Also the number of coats of the peeling agent do affect the cost.

Chemical Peeling at Home

Chemical peeling is a method used to treat different skin problem. This method works by exfoliating the dead cells of the skin leaving the skin with underneath cells that are smooth. Chemical peeling is known all over the world for treating the skin that is damaged by acne, wrinkles and other forms of skin pigmentations. Many people prefer to perform the peeling in doctor’s office but you can use the procedure below to get the same results while at home.

  • Prepare your skin in advance for the homemade peel by washing it thoroughly with water. Avoid using the alkaline products to wash the skin before applying the peel because peeling agents are acid in nature hence they cannot give the best results in an alkaline environment. You can also boost the results by performing a gentle scrub on the area to be peeled.
  • Before applying the peel to the whole area, you can simply perform a spot test on that area. A spot test will help you know how the results will be, the type of concentration of the peeling agent to use and other risks. When you perform a spot test and you feel more irritated and that spot turning very red, it shows that that concentration is too high for your skin. The concentration should be minimal especially when performing the peel for the first time. A spot test should be carried to the respective area to be peeled. If peeling is to be done on the face then the spot test can be done just below the earlobe.
  • Apply the peeling agent evenly on the affected area. If it is being done on the face, start by applying to less sensitive part like the forehead, cheeks and chin moving toward the eyelids and the nose.
  • Allow the chemical peel to penetrate the skin for five minutes depending with the concentration of the peeling agent. If you start to feel some irritation and burnings, it is now the right time to neutralize the peel. These can be done using water or alcohol.

It is recommended to read carefully the instructions in your chemical peel home kit before performing any type of peeling. After the peeling you should minimize the time spend out on the sun. During this time, your skin more sensitive to light therefore it can easily allow the UV rays to pass through. Chemical peeling at home reduces some expenses hence determining how much does a chemical peel cost.