Do Chemical Peels Work for Wrinkles, Acne Scars, Dark Spots and Stretch Marks

Many people around the globe use chemical peel to treat their skin problems but do chemical peels work? Get insights on the benefits and side effects of this method for wrinkles, freckles, dark spots, sun spots, hyperpigmentation and stretch marks.

Do Chemical Peels Work – For wrinkles, Acne Scars and Dark Spots

Do chemical peel work for wrinkles

Do chemical peels work for acne scars

The chemical peel results depends on the depth of the peel done, the skin problem being treated and the types of chemical peels agent used. When the peeling solution is applied to your skin surface on the affected area, it penetrates your skin and creates a blister in a controlled manner which by time peels off.  The skin then heals naturally making it smooth and less wrinkled.

You may wonder do chemical peel work for wrinkles. When a medium peel is done on the skin with wrinkles, the chemical penetrates the skin deeper than in superficial peel making it effective in reducing the wrinkles. This process can be repeated 3 to 6 month after the first peel for better results. Medium peel is also effective for reducing hyperpigmentation of the skin. The wrinkles can alternatively be eliminated in a single deep chemical peel.

A superficial peel is effective in treating the skin that is damaged by the sun. It also minimizes the aging lines that appears around the mouth and under the eyes, it improves smoothness and the look of your skin. Some of the factors that affect the results of a chemical peel process include the following:

  • The skill and experience of the dermatologist. Experienced doctor will tend to give the correct prescription and the right procedure for skin peeling than inexperienced one.
  • Your skin type. Lighter skins tend to have better results than darker skin.
  • The choice of your skin makeup and products before and after the peeling process.
  • Your lifestyle. The skin protected from the sun will have better results than the skin exposed to the sun most of the time.
  • The type of chemical used also affects the chemical peel work.

 Do Chemical Peel for Stretch Marks Work

Stretch marks appears when your body muscles expands or shrinks more than the skin. This results to the breakage of the elastic fibers under the skin. Stretch marks are a problem that most women have after pregnancy. They are also hereditary, if your family members have stretch marks the chances of you having them are high. Stretch marks mostly happen on the arms, on the tummy or belly, thighs, legs and buttocks. Almost every women around the world are using different ways to get rid of them. You can find here if do chemical peels work for stretch marks.

You may wonder do home chemical peels work. Homemade peels are effective in reducing stretch marks on your skin. Most people prefer homemade peels because the materials for making the peel can be found within your locality. They are cheap and also they are less harmful compared to the artificial chemical peel products.

You simply crush the fruits that have the power to peel and you add yogurt to make a paste. It can therefore be applied to the affected area as a mask. Then you wash the area with water after 10 to 20 minutes to neutralize the chemical. For better results you can do repelling after some time.

How Do Homemade Chemical Peel Work

Do chemical peel work for wrinkles

Before and after chemical peels for wrinkles

Why should you buy expensive chemicals to use for peeling when natural homemade chemical peels work? A large number of people around the globe are discovering the importance of natural chemical peel. Natural  treatment is utilized from natural resources found within our environment.  When you apply to your skin, it exfoliates the dead cells of your skin leaving it smooth and very attractive. These homemade chemical peels are less harmful compared to artificial ones.

The natural acid used in homemade chemical peel is purely natural. It is extracted from fresh fruits and milk which have the peeling characteristics. These materials can easily be found at home; therefore you have all the reasons to have a smooth and a young looking skin at little cost. Also the procedure for preparing natural chemical peel is very simple.

A natural homemade chemical peel makes the dead skin cells to exfoliate hence reducing the brown sports on the face, hyperpigmentation of the skin, blackheads, whiteheads and skin problems resulting from acne.

The following are natural ingredients that has the power of exfoliating the skin: lemon, lime, orange, nectarines, pears, grapes, papaya, pineapples, heavy cream, sour cream, raspberry, strawberries, cherries, buttermilk, blackberries, berries, sugar beets sugar, sugar cane sugar, bananas, tomatoes, wine, yogurt, willow bark extract, aspirin and apples.

How do chemical peels work naturally? Homemade chemical peel work effectively when reapplied for several times after the first peel.  You smash the fruits and add yogurt or milk then you stir thoroughly to make a paste. The mixture is then allowed to stand for about 20 to 30 minutes. After that the mixture can be applied as a mask on the skin. Leave the mixture to penetrate the skin for about 10 to 20 minutes before you wash with cool water.

Chemical Peel Results

The chemical peel work differently depending with the type of our skin and the type of peel done, either deep or shallow. Also the type of skin care after the peeling do affect the results. The skin can improve but not permanently since our skin is aging by time. The use of good skin care products can help to prolong the chemical peel results. Other factors that affect the results includes;

  • The skills and work experience of the dermatologist. For better chemical peel work, you have to select experienced doctor who has more knowledge in skin problems.
  • The skin care products used before and after the chemical peel. Choosing the best skin care products helps to prolong the chemical peel results.
  • Exposure to the sun. You should avoid or minimize the time spend out in the sun especially from 10am to 12pm. alternatively you can wear sunscreen and long sleeved clothes. They help to protect your skin from ultra violet rays especially after peeling.
  • General cleaning of the peeled area. The wound should be dressed properly as directed by the dermatologist.

If you can pay attention to the above factors then you will agree with me that chemical peel work.

Chemical Peel Side Effects

Chemical peeling have some side effects especially when deep peeling is performed. The risks varies from mild to complicated ones depending with the type of chemical peel done. The following are some of the risks;

  • The peeled area experiences some redness which may last up to two weeks. The redness may be severe when a deep peel is performed.
  • The skin becomes more sensitive to the sunlight. Some rays like UV are harmful to our self when they pass through our skin.
  • Susceptible to infections. When deep peeling is done, a wound is left that if not properly taken care may cause other secondary infections.
  • Swellings in the face. Some swellings may appear around the eyes.
  • Scarring or the area peeled.
  • The peeled area may have a different color from the surrounding area.

The side effects may be severe if you did not follow the specialist’s instruction on application and guidelines on how do chemical peel work.

Are chemical Peel Safe

Chemical peel work best when the dermatologist instructions are followed strictly. It may become risky when you apply makeup before the wounded skin is healed completely, when you do the peeling by yourself with ought  seeking dermatologist advice, when you fail to wear protective clothing’s when you go out to the sun for long time and when you fail to nurse the wound well.

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Chemical Peel Benefits

Many people around the world have benefited from chemical peel in solving their skin problems. Some of the benefits include the following;

  • Superficial peel is used to smoothen and improve the look of the skin. It treats the skin problems that result from acne and sun damages. It also reduces aging lines and wrinkles.
  • Moderate wrinkles are treated by medium peel.
  • Deep peel is used in treating tough sun damage, skin pigmentations, severe wrinkles and severe acne.

Therefore before you completely decide on this type of skin treatment, ensure you have carried out enough research on how do chemical peels work, involve a dermatologist and everything will work.