What Causes Blood Blister in Mouth, Cheek, Under Tongue and on the Gums

What causes blisters? This article contain insights on the various causes of blood blister in mouth, foot, fingers and toe. You will also explore more on sunburn blisters and small water blisters on hands and other body parts.

What Is a Blister – Meaning

blood blisters in mouth causes

blood blisters in mouth

It is a bubble filled with clear fluids that develops under the skin tissues. The clear fluid in the blister is known as serum. Blisters varies in size, some maybe smaller while others can be bigger than half an inch. The smaller blisters are known as vesicle while the larger ones are known as bullae. Blisters that are filled with blood instead of serum are known as blood blisters.

A blister may cause fever, irritation, itching and swelling of the affected tissues. The symptoms may vary depending with the cause of the blister. For instance, blisters caused by skin irritations, allergies and burns are characterized with pain, while those caused by eczema may cause redness, extreme itching and small zits on the affected areas.

Small blisters may heal on their own with little treatments while larger blisters that causes a lot of itching and pressure that requires medical treatments or to be drained. In case should you pop a blister, ensure that the skin of dead cells that covers the drained blister is not removed. It helps to protect the underneath cells that are not fully developed.

What Causes Blisters

There are various causes of blisters as shown below:

  1. Friction

The rubbing of the skin cause by physical factors also results in the formation of blisters on the affected parts. Such blisters are common to individuals who involve in sporting activities and military duties due to friction caused by ill-fitting shoes. The areas that experience this type of blisters include the foot and toes.

Hands can also develop blood blisters by handling tools and other equipment’s that causes friction by rubbing the two surfaces. Such blisters may swell and become filled with blood. It causes pain and itching of the blistered areas.

  1. Infections

Most of the blisters are caused by infections. Some are highly contagious and you are likely to get infected when you come in contact with the virus. Infections causes formation of blisters on the mouth, lips, face, genital area and other parts of the body. Such infections includes varicella zoster virus, herpes simplex virus, bullous impetigo and Coxsackie virus that is common in children. Some of the infections are described below:

  • Herpes simplex virus. This is what causes fever blisters. There are two types of this virus, type 1 and 2. Herpes simplex virus type 1 cause the formation of blisters inside the mouth, on the edge of mouth, edge of lips and in the nostril. The type 2 cause blisters on the genital areas and it is highly contagious through body contact and sexual intercourse. The blisters appears after few days from infection. It may also cause blood blister in mouth.
  • Varicella zoster virus. They are the virus that causes chickenpox and shingles. After the first infection, it causes chickenpox blisters to appear on the various parts of your body. The virus becomes dormant in your body and later reactivates to cause shingles. Shingle causes a strip of painful blisters to develop on one side of your body.
  • Bullous impetigo. This is an infection that causes eruption of red blisters on the skin tissues. The blisters easily bursts after becoming filled up with fluid.
  • This virus causes a condition commonly known as hand-foot- and-mouth. It is an infection that causes painful blisters to develop on the hands, foot and mouth.
  1. Skin diseases

There are various diseases that causes eruption of blisters on the skin tissues such as:

  • Erythema multiforme is what causes blisters on hands and palm, sole of feet, mouth, genitals and other parts of the body. The blisters may also be accompanied with other symptoms such as fever, muscle aches and sore throats.
  • Autoimmune disease cause eruption of large fluid filled blisters on the skin surface.
  • Dermatitis herpetiformis cause itchy blisters that goes away after treatment. The blisters appears reddish in color and they may erupt on any part of your body.
  • Pemphigoid and pemphigus is a rare skin disease that affects elder people who are above the age of 40 years. It causes eruption of blisters in the mouth, face and other parts of the skin surface. They cause inflammations and itching on the affected areas after bursting. There are various remedies that can be used on how to get rid of a blister by alleviating the pain and its discomfort.
  1. Allergies

A skin allergy is a body reaction condition to allergens. The body can become allergic to chemicals and poison such as ivy, oak or sumac that may be found in the foods we eat, inhalation or through direct skin contacts. Allergic contact dermatitis is a form of skin condition or eczema that causes eruption of blisters on the skin surface. Some allergens may also cause blood blister in mouth.

  1. Medications

There are various medicines that causes eruption of blisters on the skin when taken while others are risk factors that causes the skin to become hypersensitive to sunburn blisters. For instance, medicines such as furosemide and nalidixic cause mild eruption on the skin when taken. Others like doxycycline makes the skin to become hypersensitive to sunburn blisters.

Long term use of such medicines can result to a condition known as erythema multiforme. This is a life threatening disorder that causes blistering all over the body. Such condition can cause other skin infections that are difficult to control. According to drugs.

how to get blood blisters in mouth

causes of blood blisters in the mouth

Blood Blister in Mouth Causes

Normal blister is filled up by a clear watery fluid called serum, but a blood blisters seem to be different as it is filled up with blood and other body fluids. Such blisters are formed when the blood capillaries in the dermis are damaged. They can erupt on any part of the mouth such as the walls of the mouth, gums and tongue.

Mouth blisters are so painful and causes a lot of discomfort especially when eating. They also causes problems when brushing your teeth. Blood blisters in the mouth requires to be diagnosed to determine the cause before treatment. There are various causes of blood blisters inside of cheeks and other parts of the mouth as follows:

  • Herpes simplex virus that causes cold sore can cause blood blisters in the mouth. The blisters may erupt after a few days of infection. Medical treatments and other remedies can be used on how to get rid of a cold sore in the mouth.
  • Some people are allergic to some allergens that are found in food. For instance some people erupt blood blisters inside the mouth after eating citrus fruits. Such people may also be allergic to some of the chemical components in mouth wash and tooth paste. You may avoid food and other substances that causes such blisters.
  • Oral ulcers. Canker sore is a type of ulcers that causes the formation of blood blister in mouth. They are formed after the invasion on microorganisms in the mouth. They may occur on the various parts of the mouth such as under the tongue, inside cheeks and on gums.
  • There are various drug that causes blood blisters. They are caused as a result of body reactions to certain drugs.
  • Nutritional deficiency. The presence of blood blisters can also be caused by deficiency of certain nutrients in your diet. Inadequate intake of vitamin C and B12 causes such blisters.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption. Alcohol abuse is harmful to your health. It can also trigger blood blisters in your mouth.
  • Biting of the mouth or tongue can also cause blisters on the injured parts of the mouth.

You are not supposed to pop a blister in your mouth. Leave it to heal on its own. Consult your doctor if the blister is large and cause extreme pains. Avoid draining the blister by yourself as it may cause infection.

Blood Blister on Foot Causes

causes of blood blisters

what causes blood blisters in mouth

Blood blisters on foot forms when the blood capillaries in the dermis are damaged from excessive pressure and friction without piercing through the skin surface.  Such blisters are filled up with blood, lymph and other body tissues.

They usually causes extreme pains due to bruising. You are not supposed to pop a blood blister on your foot. It may delay the healing process as well as risking other infections on the popped area. If you have to pop, do not remove the cover of dead skin cells as it guards the inner cells that are not fully developed.  Such blisters are caused by the following:

  • Friction on the foot, in most cases the friction is caused by wearing unfit shoe. The force produced by rubbing the surface of the skin against a shoe results to blood blisters on the foot. It may form on the toes or above the heel.
  • Mechanical damage. Exposure to mechanical injuries, chemicals or pinching the skin can also cause a blood blister.
  • Infections such as fungal can cause blood blisters such as Athletes foot.
  • Burns from high or too cold temperatures can cause blisters on the foot. They usually erupt after a few hours of exposure to such heat or cold. According to

What Causes Blood Blister on Finger

Blood blister in mouth, finger and toe are quite painful. They form when the blood capillaries are damaged and bleed inside the skin. A part from causing a lot of discomfort, they are also at a high risk of getting an infection if proper care is not taken.

Handling tools, rough abrasion and fungal infections may cause the blood blisters on the finger. Blood blisters are common during active sporting activities like athletics, mechanical works and during the military trainings. Musical instruments like a guitar can also cause a blood blister on the finger.

There are also other causes that include excessive sunburn, harsh chemicals, burns from hot objects, skin conditions like eczema and injuries. For instance, when a finger is caught in a closing door, the hit raptures the blood capillaries to form a blood blister. There are different remedies on how to treat a blood blister on finger. They help to alleviate itching and the burning sensation.

Small Blisters on Hands Causes

Small blisters on hands are caused by a condition called dyshidrosis. It is also known as acute vesiculobullous hand eczema. It is a skin condition that causes eruption of small blisters that are filled with clear fluid to occur on different parts of hands such as fingers and palm. After healing, it causes scaling of the affected areas.

Without proper treatment, this skin condition may cause a recurrence after some time. Its itching effects causes a lot of discomfort. Although it is not a contagious infection but some risk factors like weak immune system may increase the chances of infection. It is characterized by serum filled blisters, scratching, very small blisters, opaque blisters and pitted appearance of affected fingers.

This skin condition is caused by allergic reaction to various allergens such as nickel that is present in most foods and vitamins that we consume. It is present in canned foods and oatmeal. From the research done by the University Medical Center Groningen, people who are allergic to house dust mites are at higher risk of infection of this skin condition.

Sunburn Blisters Causes

Sunburn blisters are caused by excessive exposure to high sunrays intensity. The sun emits three types of ultraviolet rays, UVA, UVB and UVC.  The most harmful to the skin are the UVA and UVB. They penetrate the skin to cause damage to the underneath tissues. The blisters may develop after few hours or days of exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Sunburn blisters severity depends with the type of your skin, sun intensity and the duration of time you spend on the sun. Fair skin are more susceptible to sunburn blisters than darker skins. Fair skin has less melanin as compared to darker skin.

The blisters may be accompanied with other symptoms such fever, nausea, headache, swelling and burning sensation. Popping sunburn blisters may worsen your condition. Others like blood blister in mouth may be popped by a doctor or medical practitioner. You are supposed to avoid sunrays until the blisters are fully healed.




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